La Francigena

San Gimignano, Monteriggioni, Siena are part of the Via Francigena, which continues to Rome. This is why Italy was constantly traveled by pilgrims from every part of Europe. The presence of these paths, with the great quantity of people coming from very different cultures, has allowed an exceptional passage of signs, emblems, cultures and languages. A continuous passage that has allowed the different European cultures to communicate and come into contact, forging the cultural, artistic, economic and political base of modern Europe.

Il Palato

Montepulciano, Penza, Montalcino are the three municipalities with the most concentrated quality of typical products of the territory of the province of Siena. And for this in every country in addition to the particular historical constructions of the medieval period. You can find the most varied and colorful places for tasting the many typical products of the area from the Wine, Salami, and Cheese. For a palate experience that is hard to forget.

Gli Etruschi

From Cortona to Chiusi passing through Lake Trasimeno, the Etruscan mysterious people who came from Asia, have left their history ...